About us

Spire Chocolates was founded in October 2012 by Lindsay Gardner - chocolatier and self-confessed chocolate obsessive.


At Spire, we use premium chocolate from Belgium to create a wide range of products at our workshop in Humberston, near Grimsby. From handcrafted chocolates with our own unique fillings, to barks, bars, lollies and chocolate animals we have something for every taste and occasion.


If you’re as passionate about chocolate as we are, you can come and join us on one of our workshops and try your hand at making some of your own! You can learn to make truffles, bars, moulded chocolates, or even learn to decorate cakes – we have a class to suit everyone.

Our Story

It all began with a praline - my first chocolate memory, a childhood wonder. I remember it very clearly, the look of it, the shape, the smell, the texture; and most importantly - the best thing I’d ever tasted (and praline is still my favourite today).

My love of chocolate came with me to school, in and out of vending machines, all the time striving to try new things, different sources, deeper flavours.

Into adulthood, my passion for chocolate pervaded, became my pastime, hinted at more. Eventually I couldn't stop cooking up the wonderful stuff! I began working out of my kitchen, experimenting, researching, tasting.


In 2010 I was given a most wonderful gift – a day with Derbyshire based chocolatiers CocoaDance. With their infectious enthusiasm and inspiration I returned to my kitchen to learn more, to practice, hone and... taste.

I learned more about my ingredients, trying different kinds of chocolate made with a wide variety of cocoas from around the world; trying single origin and blended chocolates, learning to pair their distinct flavours with other ingredients.

As the cocoa dust settled, I realised I really didn't want to do anything else.


In 2012 I undertook a short course with chocolatiers Slattery of Whitefield, Manchester. Five wonderful days of nothing but chocolate, chocolate, chocolate! Armed with new skills and knowledge I was ready to make my chocolate dream a reality.

I was fortunate enough to be accepted onto the Prince’s Trust ‘Explore Enterprise’ programme, which offered me the opportunity to develop the business skills I needed. With a great deal of help and support from them, the idea of my own business became a real possibility.

It was only then, and with an enormous effort of help, support and sheer hard work from my family that I was able to nurture this possibility into a reality.

So finally, after much research, learning, practice (and more taste testing than would strictly be considered necessary) Spire Chocolates emerged from my kitchen in October of 2012.


Over the next few years I was fortunate to meet lots of wonderful folks from the chocolate world, one of whom was Lincolnshire Chocolate Maker, Duffy Sheardown (www.duffyschocolate.co.uk)

As a huge fan of Duffy’s incredible chocolate, I was delighted when he offered me the opportunity to work in his factory a couple of days each week.

In 2017 Duffy told me about a development he was considering, ‘Duffy’s Chocolate Studio’, and invited Spire Chocolates to be a part of it. I jumped at the chance and moved my base of operations to Humberston, in Duffy’s new studio.

We now have a great venue to welcome customers and offer classes and workshops, right next door to Duffy’s Factory!


How do we make it so good?

Most importantly, we really do understand chocolate: its depths of flavour, its heights of indulgence, its occasion and sense of ceremony. We're no snobs though: we love scoffing and savouring alike! Sometimes you really do want that big, purple-foiled bar calling your name as you stand powerless in the newsagent queue; other times the only thing in the world is you, sitting down with one or two perfect chocolates, savouring each lingering nuance of flavour. We salute both occasions and hope that our range of products, from our decadent fresh filled chocolates, to our irresistibly munchable barks will fulfil every chocolate desire.


Our Ingredients

Our number one ingredient is, of course, chocolate!

“Don’t you make it yourselves?” you might ask – nope, like the majority of chocolatiers we focus our skills on using the chocolate as an ingredient to create other products. It’s ‘Chocolate Makers’, not ‘Chocolatiers’ who have all the fun with the cocoa beans.

So we’ve put our faith in a Chocolate Maker, Belcolade, based in Erembodegem in Belgium and we’ve chosen a selection of their delicious chocolates to use for our products. With a range of single origin and blended chocolates we can find the perfect flavour to compliment each of our products.

By combining this chocolate with fresh ingredients such as cream and butter, and natural additions such as fruit or roasted nuts, we strive to offer you a chocolate experience that is the height of indulgence.

That's how we make it so good.